History of Cab Service in Pakistan

Govt. of Pakistan launched the Yellow Cab scheme for educated and energetic youngsters In1990. A huge number of yellow cabs were obtained by the youth from middle-class families, they served and earned nicely. The Yellow Cab scheme became very popular in those days. The cab was leased by the banks and subsidized bank loans were offered for the purchase of cab. The traveler also enjoyed the air-conditioned taxis having electronic meters and reduced fair as compare to traditional taxis and autos. This scheme suffered a downfall due to frequent change in the Government. Newly formed Government belongs to second political party ordered the divers of a taxi to wear specific uniforms while driving. Because of this order educated people serving the services in their part time ripped away by this cab service. Policy for monitoring the project was not up to the mark, hence cab owners start using their cabs as their private cars. once again the traditional taxi service strengthens the roots in the transport sector. However, there are several local transport companies are providing good services to the public every day to carry them to their required destination. Discussing public transport systems in Pakistan, the cab service is required to discuss in this article. There are several private taxi operators in Pakistan providing services in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad nowadays. Here we are going to describe the particulars of these cab operators one by one. 


Uber Technologies Inc. is a technology related company and headquarter is located in United states of America. Being a worldwide company Uber is well known and providing its services in various countries. It started service in Pakistan in 2016 and now Uber is providing cab service in main cities of Pakistan Like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Uber cab service becoming well ranked as one of the best service providers due to their specialized and well-behaved divers and IT staff. Any citizen with smart phone and internet connection can download and install Uber application to register an account, after that he can call an Uber cab with a single click. Uber fairs are slightly higher but their services are fast and immediate. Therefor Uber become one of the famous taxi option to hire. 


The 2nd most famous taxi service provider in Pakistan. Careem is providing its services in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and some other key cities of Pakistan. In our country, its initiative was taken in 2016. This service also needs a smart phone to pickup a taxi. careem is offering four types of taxis, these are Tezz, Go, Go+ and Business class. Tezz stands for auto rickshaws, Go include small cars, Go+ and business include a premium class of cars. Most economical are Go which is most popular. The traveler can get the estimate of the fare from pickup location to the desired destination before confirming a ride. 

Albayrak / A-Taxi

Albayrak is a Turkey Based organization providing various service in Pakistan like Metro Bus service in Lahore Rawalpindi and Islamabad. further more Albayrak is also contributing to clean Lahore program. In 2016 a fresh service named A-Taxi officially launched in Lahore by Albayrak. Taxis are equipped with air conditioners and GPS system. The fare is calculated on the basis of distance traveled by the consumer. A pre-installed fare meter is also installed in cabs for real-time fare and mileage display. Albayraka is using Suzuki Swift and Honda City cars having bright yellow paint with the company‚Äôs logo too. A-taxi Service can be booked by dialing their UAN number or can be picked via their Android app. 

Metro Cab

Metro Cab services exist in Pakistan since 2001 and its services are available in all major cities of Pakistan i.e Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Muree. Faisalabad, Sialkot, Hyderabad, and Bahawalpur. Metro Cab service in now most experienced taxi service provider in Pakistan with 17 years of experience. According to a company that they are providing cab services with latest trends and demands. Their drivers are trained and well behaved. They also regularly inspect and clean the cars before starting a new day. Booking of Metro cab can also be via telephonic call or web based environment 

Daewoo Cab.

Not too long ago, Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service Ltd. started its Daewoo Cab for the pic and drop its travelers from their home to Daewoo Bus terminal This service is offered to the person who has planned to travel nationwide with Daewoo bus service. Daewoo Cab began its cab services from Lahore and facilitating its parent company Daewoo Express. After That, it started cab service in other cities Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan, Peshawar and Abbottabad. This service can be avail by downloading its android app from play store or iOS from iTunes. Can also be picked by a phone call.


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