Most of the people unsuccessful at a few stages in their everyday life. It’s an important and basic part of our life. Failure can be explained as a lack of success or deficiency in obtaining the quality at the end of a task even by adopting all possible techniques to complete it successfully. However, failure is not an indication to end or finish the struggle, it doesn’t stop someone from attempting again. Most of the time, a person fails because they did not sufficiently prepare for success. It is observed that most of the people try to achieve success with a small effort and poor groundwork, and they question why they fail. Planning and groundwork are the main things to stay away from failure, well prepared and wise decisions during execution lead the task to success but it is not always a guarantee.

Failure is a part of success. To reduce the chance of failure, we should do the tasks with the more efforts, we aspect of increasing the chance of success. This practice changes our daily lifestyle, if we want to increase the ratio of our successes, then we have to devote our free time to ongoing useful tasks. Our way of living and routines are important when we think about their impact on failure or success. If we are confident of our success, it will definitely take place in the early future. Actually, this is in accordance with the law of attraction, which states that the concentration of positive or negative values about some matter guide us to positive or negative experience in our life. People who inclined to failure, they ignore to think about the future. This is possibly one of the important symptoms of whether a person will fail or achieve his target

Failure does not mean that we reached at the end of the world, if we fail after adopting all of the above instructions, there is a possibility to learn from this failure. Every person fails at a few stages in their lives. They should not disappoint them self, they should move ahead with more energy and with a new plan in which previously adopted mistakes will not repeat.

It is wisely said, “You only fail when you stop trying”. If you faced with failure at any stage in your life. Continue to keep working over and over again with new strategies till you definitely obtain your target. As a student, you might have to deal with several obstacles and may fail, he keeps struggling unless he achieved the success. dealing up with similar challenges any person can follow the example and can achieve success which is not an impossible task.


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