Web-based shopping is a new concept of shopping in Pakistan. This way of shopping becomes popular now a day in our country. A wide range of products is available on various websites for selling and ready to deliver at customer’s doorstep without any delivery charges. Online shopping allows also to find about sales, discounts and available stock at the moment, no bargain is an extra edge. Most of the online stores offer discounted deals. Online shopping is a great fun. People like to buy online due to convenience but scammers are also active to take advantage of this in many ways. So it requires some important things that must be followed while browsing, selecting and making payments to avoid any inconvenience.

Beware of bogus online shops

Scammers use the advanced tricks to set up fake Web sites that look like authentic online retail stores. They use updated designs in the pages, stolen logos, and themes. Try to judge that the retailer website is a scam if their method of payment is asked to pay with a check, pre-loaded money card or bank transfer remember in such cases, if you pay your money this way, there will be only a chance that you see or receive your purchased item. Notice that if the web address in the address bar of your browser turns from http:// to https:// its mean the site is secure. If this change does not appear don’t use this site for shopping.

Branded goods for very cheap prices

To attract the buyer scam stores offer a branded item for very cheap rates that anyone wants to buy at the moment. Actually, their target is to register an order via payment method mentioned above which is not secure and the probability of fraud is maximized. Remember that prices are protected by the manufacturers of brands, thus there is about no chance to buy a branded item at a much lower price.

Always Visit Multiple Sites

Price of the same product at various online stores are slightly differing from each other. So always visit the multiple sites to get the best price, if a website is offering high price of a product then you have the option to visit another online store offering that product with a handy price in this way you save your money and time too.

Avoid online shopping from public computers

Your Credit card information can be stolen when you use a public computer to purchase things online. This computer may certain type of software that can capture your login information and credit card number. You are also advised not to use public Wi-Fi because hackers may also have access the same network for hacking your credit card information. If you are making payments via credit card, always use your personal computer having a registered and updated antivirus along with a secure internet connection only.

Use a credit card instead of a debit card while shopping online

Always use a credit card instead of a debit card when you are making a payment via the web. As the security features of Credit cards are more advanced than those of debit cards. In any fraud case, the maximum liability for fraudulent charges is Rs.5,000 on the other hand, fraudulent charges for debit cards is up to Rs.50,000. Fraudulent charges in the case of credit card do not take anything from your pocket and are easier to treat.

Be careful clicking on any pop-up ads

While browsing the online store for shopping be careful clicking on any pop-up ads, especially those that advised that your computer has a virus. Many of these ads contain viruses themselves, which can hack your credit card and account information.

Check your order carefully upon delivery

Confirmation of delivery prior to receiving the goods is not logical. The quality of the delivered item cannot be determined in pack box, always argue to see the product after unpacking in the presence of the deliveryman, refrain and check your order carefully.

In short, if you’re careful and avoid common risks associated with online purchases, you may have a pleasant experience of online shopping with the advantage of fair prices. Online shopping is secure and less time consuming, but you have to care.


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