Education System in Pakistan

Private schools are more preferred educational institutions as compared to these are in Govt. sector in our country. This specific truth is in the urban regions of Pakistan. This craze is noticed in the rural areas as well. Nowadays public demands more private schools. The major cause is the quality of education and comforts in these schools than these are in Govt. schools.

Today here we are proceeding to talk about the problems regarding study in private and public sector educational institutions in our country. There is a big variation in both sectors. We need to discuss the main points of each one for better consideration when choosing a school or college for our generation. Here we are going to identify the main factors which make the both sectors differ from each other.

Private Sector Education

  • It is observed that rules and regulations are strict in private schools and institutes as compared to Govt. schools.
  • Private schools are operated by nonpublic organizations and have extensive experience of education to retain their position in the market.
  • Private schools are English medium and most of them have a strict rule to talk and compose in the English language, this practice leads the students to groom well with no hesitation in speaking English.
  • Private Institutes work according to pre designed methods of educations which guide the students get ready for board exams and upcoming structure of exams.
  • The course structure is designed in the lights of the British Education System in Most of the Private schools.
  • Additional focus on each one to teach them according to their capacity.
  • Student activities are watched by the management and frequently informed to parents by telephonic calls or by means of latest communication resources.
  • Students are strictly enforced to follow the bylaws of the institute and attendance is also checked by the biometric system in the morning as well as in the afternoon.
  • Parent teacher meetings are called time to time to discuss the best ideas for coaching of students.
  • The schedule is planned for all the activities of teachers and students.
  • In well-reputed private schools, wages of educators are decent and the strict criteria are followed while their selection. They focus on qualification, teaching experience, behavior, and training courses to evaluate the best candidate for hiring in their educational institutes.

Government Sector Education

  • Government institutes are the ideal solution for financially average and poor families to take advantage of very low-cost education even free education.
  • These institutes are funded by the Government, poor policy over monitoring the utilization of funds leads the organizers to corruption, therefore, advancement and progress of Institute stop resulting in the form of deficiency in the facilitation and poor quality of education.
  • Teachers in the Government sector are not punctual and have no hesitation to perform their personal tasks during the duty hours.
  • Unfortunately, most of the government staff is irresponsible and some government teachers belong to this category, in this practice, only young and poor nation suffers and teachers obtain their wages with no efforts.
  • It is also observed in Government schools that cheating in exams is not strictly stopped.
  • Physical Punishment to students is strictly prohibited all over the world, but some government teachers are directly or indirectly involved in this unlawful act.
  • Generally, there is no routine of teacher and parent meeting.
  • Govt. pay salaries to all the staff in time either they perform their job honestly or not.
  • Some cash is also offered to students on monthly bases and all the books and stationery is also provided free of cost.

Measures to improve the Quality of Education

The weak quality of education and lack of facilities is not only a matter in government schools but for the entire educational system. There is not only a need to modify the traditional way of education in government schools there is also a need to improve the monitoring policies over education sector in which private schools should also fall. No doubt that the private schools are usually much better than government schools but also to work on improving the quality of learning in both sorts of school.

In these circumstances, the role of teachers is the basic key of achievement. The government should offer suitable coaching programs for teachers in Government schools. The majority of poor people send their children to public schools for basic education. Therefore the teachers at a primary level should be really qualified and experienced, and their salaries should be at a market level according to their qualification and experience.

Another key problem in education area is that there is no oneness in the Curriculum, and syllabus, throughout various institutions at the same level of study. Most of the institutes teaching their personally designed course and syllabus, it’s an incorrect strategy. The ministry of education must frame the same Curriculum for all the country and make sure to deploy this Curriculum and syllabus in all the institutes. Incorporation of latest technics of education in government schools, controlling and monitoring benchmarks for the private sector is the demand of the time.



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